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Advantages of Automatic Packaging

Apr. 15, 2021

Packaging ensures the product is safe and makes it look attractive. Although this is the final step in the production line, it is the first thing the customer sees. Therefore, it must be attractive and consistent to be effective.

Manual packaging can be time-consuming. It can lead to staff fatigue, wasted packaging material, etc. In addition, it can be inconsistent or cost effective.

Packaging automation

Packaging automation is the use of semi-automatic or automatic packing machine in all stages of the packaging process, such as filling, wrapping, labelling and palletizing. Almost all industries can benefit from this, especially in today's era of growing e-commerce, where material handling can be challenging.

Today, there are many types of packaging machinery available, including carton packaging machines and heat shrink wrap packaging machines. You can use any of these, depending on the product specification.

Automatic Side Seal and Shrink Wrap Packing Machine

Automatic Side Seal and Shrink Wrap Packing Machine

Advantages of automatic packaging

Whichever type of automatic packaging machinery you choose, you can have the following advantages.


Automated systems are accurate and consistent because they have precise, standardised settings. They help to improve product quality, reduce cycle times and generally increase operational efficiency.


Packing trays, boxes and other products manually can be difficult and time-consuming. Your workers can become tired from repetitive, monotonous and laborious activities. Machines can work fully and efficiently for longer periods of time. They also offer higher speeds.

Product maintenance

If the right machinery is used, products can be packed safely. A good stretch wrapper, for example, will ensure that the product is well packed and free from contamination. This increases the durability and shelf life of the product.

Employee safety

Studies have shown that 20% of forklift accidents are caused by people walking on the warehouse floor. Similarly, manual packing and palletizing can lead to cuts, lacerations and back injuries. By introducing an automated packing system, you can make your warehouse safer. You can ensure that operators stay on the forklift and avoid other injuries.

Value for money

Although automation may seem expensive, you can pay for yourself in a matter of months. You may also qualify for tax benefits, such as write-offs and depreciation under section 179 of the Tax Relief and Employment Act 2017.

Increased productivity

Machinery can perform more tasks in less time than your staff. This saves time and labour costs. You can also save on packaging material and storage space, which makes transport and handling more cost-effective.

Many automated processes have a self-priming function that removes dust from the machine. This means there is no need for expensive maintenance.

Low waste

Automatic packing machines are economical in terms of the packaging material they use. They can cut the material precisely and make the most of it by using well-defined patterns. This simplifies the packaging process and reduces material waste.


Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are now producing packaging machinery with sustainability in mind. Such machines not only offer a good return on investment (ROI), but are also good for the environment. They use less material and emit fewer greenhouse gases.


If you have many products and different packaging sizes, then a semi-automated solution is better for you than a fully automated one. No matter how diverse your product is, you can find the right packaging machinery for it. In addition, by automating the packaging, you can quickly change the contours of a box or pallet.

People buy products that are pleasing to the eye. Automation means quality packaging with accurate information. This creates a good impression and helps with branding. In addition, consumers are able to keep packaged products for much longer than if they had been kept only by refrigeration. This increases the demand for items packaged by machinery.

Automated packaging makes your products cost-efficient, safe and attractive. Choose the right automated packaging machinery for your products. This will help you expand your operations while ensuring employee safety and profitability.

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