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How to Choose the Shrink Packaging Machine?

May. 14, 2021

If you've heard about the benefits of shrink film for product packaging and are interested in applying this option to your business, then you're in the smart hands. Shrink film is an excellent packaging solution for a wide range of products, offering valuable advantages such as flexibility, durability, printability, shelf appeal and environmental friendliness. Even so, implementing shrink film packaging designs and processes can be confusing if you don't have enough information. Next, the shrink packaging machine supplier will share the following content with you.


There are many factors to consider when selecting the right shrink film and shrink packaging machines to ensure your final product meets high standards of quality.

Sindaron Pet Bottle Wrapping Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine 

Sindaron Pet Bottle Wrapping Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine

Determining the right gauge

The size and gauge of the shrink film you use will affect the overall cost of packaging your product. Shrink film is priced by gauge and width, so thicker gauge film costs more than lower gauge film. Most companies use shrink film that is too thick for their application, usually because it allows them to use less efficient machines, inexperienced or competent operators, or even sub-standard settings.


However, reducing your specifications to what you need can significantly reduce the price and maintenance costs of shrink film. Rather than arbitrary specifications, evaluate your exact requirements.


The heavier the gauge, the longer it will take to make the right seal, which will wear out your machine more quickly and require more frequent maintenance. Today, thinner, stronger shrink films are available, minimizing the need to overcompensate for gauge thickness. It's worth running some film tests on your product to determine what gauge you need to properly protect your product without wasting money on thicker film.


Focus on machine shrink tunnel speed and size

The shrink tunnel is one of the most important factors to consider in the shrink film packaging process, and it's critical to make sure you're running at the optimal speed and using the right size heat shrink tunnel machine for your product.


If the shrink tunnel is running too fast, the film will not heat up properly and you may develop round or oval patterns in the plastic (often called "fish eyes") that look unprofessional and sloppy. High speeds can also lead to incomplete sealing cycles, resulting in thin lines of melted plastic, or "angel hair" extending from the product and the sealed portion of the film. 

Make sure you choose a speed that allows for profitable production while achieving adequate heating and sealing. There are available tunnels to meet almost any throughput requirement, so discuss your needs with your supplier to find the right match for your business.


As for the length of the shrink tunnel, make sure it is not too short. It should be long enough so that the shrink film has enough time to heat up properly and evenly. Even if you apply higher heat to a shorter tunnel, you will end up with hot spots, which will reduce the quality of the final package output.

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