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Identify the Best Packing Method for Your Product

May. 26, 2021

Not every shrink film is suitable for every environment, so be sure to select one that meets your company's specific storage and handling needs. Since some options are climate sensitive, be aware of the storage requirements for each film type so you don't use climate-damaged packaging. Next, the shrink packaging machine supplier will share the following content with you.


In general, shrink wrap is best stored at temperatures between 30 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If your facility has a hot zone, it is important to store shrink materials in the coldest area possible and not keep them refrigerated. If shrink sleeves are kept at temperatures above 100 degrees, they may shrink prematurely and impair their ability to protect your merchandise. 

Conversely, if PVC material becomes too cold due to refrigeration, it will become brittle and useless. If you're packaging frozen foods and other items that must be cooled in the refrigerator, it's best to switch to high-quality polyolefin film.

Automatic High-speed Edge Sealing and Shrinking Machine

The automatic high-speed edge sealing and shrinking packaging machine is used for automatic online high-speed shrink packaging of products. It uses optoelectronics to automatically detect products. The packaging capacity is 85 bags/min, which is suitable for packaging various types of products of different sizes and shapes. 

The shrink packaging machine uses a touch screen to control the machine, and the adjustment is also convenient and simple. At the same time, it can store a variety of product packaging data, which can be directly transferred from the system during use. It is convenient and quick, and greatly shortens the time required for replacing the packaged product. If you want to know about the wholesale best shrink packaging machine price, welcome to contact us.

Shrink Packaging Machine

 Automatic High-speed Edge Sealing And Shrinking Machine

Identify the Best Packing Method for Your Product


When packing rigid or heavy materials, many companies rely on the strength and durability of corrugated boxes. If you are using this packaging method, consider that there may be a better alternative for your products. Given the durability of polyethylene shrink films, they can often handle the load of heavy and/or rigid products without the need for a corrugated option. If you intend to use shrink film as a primary packaging solution and you need the product to have visual appeal, you’ll want to take the following factors into consideration:


High-quality films are a must. For example, cross-linked polyolefin (POF) film provides high-tensile strength and incredible clarity for a glossy shelf appearance. It’s optimal for consumer products when presentation is critical or when bundling multiple items together.

 It’s less affected by temperature changes than other films and has the ability to shrink quickly and completely, resulting in a finished good as soon as it comes out of the shrink tunnel. Some films have excellent printability for high-quality graphics that can eliminate the need for additional labeling, creating a more efficient packing process.


Use appropriate shrink tunnel settings. Assess the heat of your shrink tunnel to ensure it is putting out enough heat to properly wrap the package without damaging your product. Choose your conveyor speed carefully to minimize defects in the final packaging appearance.


Give extra attention to perforated shrink film. Perforated film has very small holes throughout, which allow air to escape as the film is shrunk around the product, creating a better looking finished good. 

If a non-perforated film is exposed to hot air after sealing, the air inside of the plastic expands and can cause the shrink film to balloon. The tiny vent-holes are practically invisible to the naked eye when a product is completed, so if your product is not perishable, this type of film may be an ideal option.

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